DigiPen Institute of Technology

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DigiPen Institute of Technology is a university located in Redmond, Washington, Singapore, and Bilbao, Spain. It's targeted towards students that want a degree in video game development or computer science.

The importance of this university is that it's really close to Nintendo's headquarters (also located in Redmond), and they partnered with Nintendo. Because Nintendo makes video games, there's likely a lot of alumni working at the company.

From Nintendo:

DigiPen Institute of Technology, located in Redmond, Washington, is the first school in the world dedicated to computer science instruction as it applies to real-time interactive simulation programming. DigiPen is also one of the oldest computer animation schools in the world. Successful graduates of Digipen's programs gain the skills required to pursue careers in the rapidly growing world of computer technologies in general, and computer graphics and simulations in particular. DigiPen offers both Associate and Bachelor Degrees in Science in Real Time Interactive Simulation. They also offer an Associate degree in 3D Animation and Graphics.

DigiPen accepts student applications from high school graduates or college students who wish to focus on the technological and engineering processes used to create interactive computer programs. Applicants who meet the minimum entrance requirements must also pass a screening conducted by DigiPen's advisory committee. The advisory committee reviews several criteria including school transcripts, reference letters from teachers and supervisors, and any applicable work experience.