The Revolution SDK is the SDK used to develop Wii games. In short, it is known as the RVL_SDK; this is the usual identifier applied to it after early versions of the SDK where it was identified as the Revolution SDK. It is an extension of the Dolphin (GameCube) SDK. It is no longer available from official sources, since WarioWorld is closed. However, Nintendo's Software Development Support Group (SDSG) still has access to it. Early versions of the SDK consist of only the WPAD and KPAD libraries, and some early documentation. They were used as extensions/patches for the GameCube SDK.

Known Versions

(Not including patches)

  • 1.0 (known to be unleaked)
  • 2.0 (known to be unleaked*)
  • 2.1 (fully leaked, although base SDK only)
  • 2.2
  • 2.3
  • 2.4
  • 3.0
  • 3.1
  • 3.2
  • 3.3 (last, fully leaked)

Some of the unmarked versions may have been leaked. There were many patches and release candidates as well.

  • There is a reference on an old forum thread to a scene leak of 2.0, however it is long gone.


RVL_SDK 2.1 (scene release) root directory contents w/ dates.

The SDK is built off the Dolphin SDK, and is structured in much the same way; the root directory (/RVL_SDK) looks like this:

  • /build (build files)
  • /docs (PDF documents)
  • /dvddata (sample image/sound data for demo programs, some of which is used in RVL_DIAG
  • /include (include files)
  • /man (HTML manual)
  • /RVL (Wii executables)
  • /x86 (PC executables)
  • Readme files