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Welcome to Rare Gaming Dump Wiki (RGDWiki), a wiki for prototype, development, unused, and otherwise interesting content about video game systems, with a particular focus on Nintendo video game systems. Currently, we mainly cover information related to the Nintendo Wii.

Featured Article: BroadOn

We currently cover prototype content, development information, repair and factory titles, and lots more about the Wii. Right now the Wii is our main focus, but we plan to add content about more platforms soon, such as the Wii U and PlayStation 2, along with Nintendo handhelds. Of course, we don't exclusively cover Nintendo platforms, and everyone is welcome to contribute. If you're knowledgeable about a particular platform or topic, sign up for an account and make a page! If you need help creating or editing pages, just click on the Help link in the sidebar.

We're currently looking both for new content on topics and areas we don't currently cover, as well as help with formatting/templates, so we would be very grateful for contributors in these areas.

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Pages of Interest

Core Page List - Every page in the wiki should be placed here after addition, until we can get a better template system set up.

Full Wii History - A full summary of the entire development history of the Wii, as we know it.

Wii Development Items - Wii development tools and kits.

Wii System Menu

Wii Remote

Editing Guidelines - General guidelines that should be followed when editing

Needed Improvements - Stuff we need fixed at the moment

Wanted Pages - Topics that we need to document

We apologize for the wiki being a bit sparse right now, but this is a pretty huge effort to catalog a lot of random information that we've collected, so it's going to take a while to fill in.


The Rare Gaming Dump Discord server can be joined by clicking on the embed link below. If you are interested in contributing to the wiki or joining our community in helping research/preserve old video game console content, we would be glad to have you as a member.

This wiki is owned by RedBees#3366 and Larsenv#2020, who can be contacted at the Discord server embedded in the following section.



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