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Anonfiles links are slow, and the RGD Google Drive links are private and you need access.

December 25, 2020 (Obscure Gamers "Tera-Release")

Golden Eye (XBLA) [Leaked because Jason Harrdington says I leaked this when I hadn't so fuck it I'll leak it, Merry Christmas].7z OneDrive

TRON.7z OneDrive

UMBRELLA.7z OneDrive

December 24, 2020

Includes a Pokémon Let's Go Eevee prototype build.

OneDrive Kaptellaview MEGA Anonfiles

SHA256: 6D9898FABEE8640B4E49A82AE059ED184711B7412CE0AEEB898BE084E57A6E48

Size: 8671417165 (8.7 GB)


Includes NVIDIA Switch bootrom source code.

OneDrive Kaptellaview MEGA Anonfiles

SHA256: 43BA74AD6FEAFC603E6A2D7EE20C25B1F555CF6F3E9476B358573893C9544480

Size: 4684568 (4.7 MB)

December 22, 2020


OneDrive RGD Google Drive

Size: 570159667 (570 MB)

December 21, 2020

OneDrive Kaptellaview MEGA Anonfiles

Size: 622909728 (623 MB)


OneDrive Kaptellaview MEGA Anonfiles

Size: 901769023 (902 MB)

October 17, 2020


Includes lots of SDKs, internal software, and misc., everything Wii related.

Kaptellaview MEGA Anonfiles BBBB

Includes the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon source code.

Kaptellaview MEGA Anonfiles BBBB


Many versions of the Wii IOS source code. Original archive released in 3 parts. BBBB is in 2 parts.

Kaptellaview MEGA (1 2 3)

Anonfiles (1 2 3)

BBBB (1 2)

September 30, 2020


RGD Google Drive Kaptellaview MEGA Anonfiles BBBB

September 9, 2020


RGD Google Drive Kaptellaview MEGA Anonfiles BBBB


RGD Google Drive Kaptellaview MEGA Anonfiles BBBB


RGD Google Drive Kaptellaview MEGA Anonfiles BBBB

September 2, 2020


Includes the Wii Startup Disc, full Pokémon Emerald source code, the Tako archive, and much more.

RGD Google Drive Kaptellaview MEGA Anonfiles MEGA BBBB

July 25, 2020


Includes the source code for many Nintendo 64 games and GBA games, including Super Mario 64.

RGD Google Drive Kaptellaview MEGA Anonfiles MEGA BBBB

July 24, 2020 (the "Gigaleak")


RGD Google Drive Kaptellaview MEGA Anonfiles MEGA BBBB


RGD Google Drive Kaptellaview MEGA Anonfiles MEGA BBBB


RGD Google Drive Anonfiles MEGA BBBB

May 24, 2020


RGD Google Drive Anonfiles

May 23, 2020


RGD Google Drive Anonfiles

RGD Google Drive Anonfiles


May 18, 2020



May 9, 2020


RGD Google Drive Anonfiles

May 7, 2020



May 2, 2020

Kaptellaview MEGA Anonfiles BBBB

File info and sources

Leaked archives
Date Name Format Password Size Source SHA-256
2020/03/18 pack zip 0209130762315017 1007317 anonymousfiles 42AC88CD2736731AC26910DB89DD27BD626CA65A722CC42231BD2AFF6B4AFF54
2020/04/10 ALL zip 7054881 Anonfiles c0182eba589ff8fb9bd09be509b4b2f8a15c1bc3b4130c9238268e8ad2e9eda0
2020/04/11 pack_4m4IZ6j zip 13024122 anonymousfiles 75f77ebc22483e43d623f3504557bdf14746bc709699053c3cfe5bf515735767
2020/04/11 osrc zip poke1024 23888957 anonymousfiles 4eef4f2fdccb961d203e8f8768ebe6cd32151b07aeb94feae44eb8f0f96a4bb7
2020/04/24 gen2 7z 822281000 gofile e001baa436b29670f34b75d958f080f203bac8bf60d08c0e702d575627751481
2020/04/27 Dwx95fZSGFDx74sc 7z UYauVDj1vH25O9WS 32994 anonymousfiles DF0DD1A5D628E6D46F72F68DAA4C8D322E96FD030D151EAE48DCFBF491B4A8E4
2020/04/27 4p7fGihlz7DW68nc 7z B24Z6t5GDSJaZkHr 2112 anonymousfiles 9CD66362AF9825E636A6A27865BD71D314DE9C217592B1ED430E653A153379C6
2020/05/02 unsorted 7z 952693184 Anonfiles 419286e2cba875d878b7bc2994354ff042095833b40db16f5868c7aa06f4b2d9
2020/05/07 hw 7z 189856 Anonfiles c0bb025de2b5b43eea1a55906aa6edcc386956cc2e00df5520c8394be3c72aa2
2020/05/09 3ds_manu 7z 934662288 Anonfiles ab674468d38340717c13a06c66f01144528874ce36e8b1dbb20b465ff6c3c777
2020/05/18 gen3 7z 549663565 Anonfiles f982b7c73e505e50bc5c623478f3e22efaad32a3f24ddfa24b5e2a79b1a3bfcc
2020/05/23 pokemon_dp_VER20060816 zip 63146637 Anonfiles 5a52891f5bed31ebb846cfdcac8c5b094c96764b61e480eb32cd527b963c35c4
2020/05/23 ctr 7z 763673259 Anonfiles 8b05072361254437277576d53c08b95e5f076c6b33a2871fad74eaa5561d1d38
2020/05/23 svn_v1.068 zip 17457103 Anonfiles f2a13970d1a0934542dcffd2e2da006c634c9daf04b0d588755f96ce7028f700
2020/05/24 ctr-etc 7z 930360961 Anonfiles 8bc14b435e8e00b26ac374f63884498928bea2b0c891ae607b0608689549c810
2020/07/24 20100713cvs_backup.tar 7z 587030015 Anonfiles 6c5bf8cdbd4773261416fbbe603a62f05f241709d69397f4101100e1c4fa86e6
2020/07/24 netcard 7z 1112839263 Anonfiles 0b042752602678eccd8a617dd1818b01eba860e03226c6eb97ed31ce6c195e13
2020/07/24 other 7z 373230997 Anonfiles e49a80c79265caa31224223bf2d852c8fa69ef144939993c23070e833ae07e46
2020/07/25 bbgames 7z 3616516360 Anonfiles 632f1ccf78600ac8d1f8690caf24be6cf7ec9fd9ae0dc74e892fa5d8921115f0
2020/09/02 emeralds 7z 742217457 Anonfiles d47d02b2eb51b7b65996260193740c32e2dc62d267c62ebf768db0eabcf51f0a
2020/09/09 from_Nintendo rar 1846367382 Anonfiles b2a71d44ad8ab6c02496e95d5c338e56a5be8babeb434c3e91180cf6db00b5aa
2020/09/09 generic 7z 1816498498 Anonfiles 59443a1d9e527c1d55bf553558d6c7bdcdee4b10920ef84e138a864a87978752
2020/09/09 platinum 7z 2930979508 Anonfiles 9625fb3bc18f669c4325f8a22d630eb49ae71d5614add60ef51ede0b1a8da829
2020/09/30 paladin 7z 2438738380 Anonfiles 61151df2c0489bdda6dd70297c3fed0aa7de222fa3cf6c3faeaf90e01081ca78
2020/10/17 git_program170525momiji zip 752870668 Anonfiles 3392ea00a4f93284a134a0a12857770ff611cab132df7a620cde2c425bf8190c
2020/10/17 wiidump 7z 2853553005 Anonfiles 24477d3d19a9eaabfd72fb3cda213745bf1ce2055a93520017f693102f92fa6b
2020/10/17 ios-releases.tar 7z 12025949530 Anonfiles (1)

Anonfiles (2)

Anonfiles (3)




2020/10/21 develop_Develop_30_20171222164419 zip ejfid934 4106379559 Anonfiles 26e95fb8f30ed681f1cf2d05161a683690eb1d98c0ceb2132f52adea565265ca
2020/10/21 develop_Develop_264_20180326134219_Sword zip JF9034jf 3157719053 Anonfiles bca3ce9365fc3858ee44791ce28920a9bbfc1c710326fac58c03e6862d4109f7
2020/10/22 develop_Develop_562_20180525204848_Sword zip f9fdja9 6098328572 Anonfiles (1)

Anonfiles (2)



2020/10/22 beta_keys 7z 30079 Anonfiles 7122B349A03BD3F8DE60EF1A2C143649D4F1A306E1D5F79EFCAFBA672F8DB73A
2020/11/27 poke1 rar 365258961 Forest of Illusion addff630c484060cc1c06d6df23210bf180ca26782e3a72e10c3fab6339c5830
2020/11/27 poke2 rar 363040934 Forest of Illusion 9dc0f4c8bb83d82ea9e656a5f4452cfef94bebf229005f2785e88271782f1442
2020/11/27 poke3 rar 226234314 Forest of Illusion 4226d471f2ac94c83132336d5eab96b603f95f6cdcd1557999363395f430b11c
2020/11/27 poke4 rar 226241607 Forest of Illusion 15b64ae24d6eee583fec4c759a74376422d718936aee713ff4908d3d68cf321e
2020/12/21 Documents 7z 901769023 Anonfiles be3a0196a36c1449e7918483047efbde04fe02711b3df4130b090449b399e1d6
2020/12/21 NintendoSDK_fromSSD_IKEDA_20151124 zip 622909728 Anonfiles 1907a6543e63fe52f56afb2f6a71c07107926b0076e22ab4d76db56ff544aa24
2020/12/22 Secure 7z 570159667 Anonfiles F59E4F3D0E057DCCA22755A2673F01E88AF383DA157ED977E8B59A88DA7E8A25
2020/12/24 t210_t214_brom 7z 4684568 Anonfiles 43BA74AD6FEAFC603E6A2D7EE20C25B1F555CF6F3E9476B358573893C9544480
2020/12/24 eevee zip 8671417165 Anonfiles 6D9898FABEE8640B4E49A82AE059ED184711B7412CE0AEEB898BE084E57A6E48
2020/12/25 Golden Eye (XBLA) [Leaked because Jason Harrdington says I leaked this when I hadn't so fuck it I'll leak it, Merry Christmas] 7z [email protected]@[email protected]@!!! 278984917 Anonfiles 32B8D9CB5B71FF9B49F3B7EEBD0BE193A50C7E4D1C7F9F5AE55693357B538095

Helpful links

Bowser's Big Bean Burrito / BBBB / 4b

Many of the original leaks reorganized, reformatted, made all nice and neat, all CVS/SVN repos converted to Git, & more

Kaptellaview Nintendo Leak Repo

Awesome MEGA repo put together by Kapp, including all of the original leaked archives in neat little folders

Gigaleak Google Doc

A Google Doc put together by Cosmo/Starfrost and Lavacakes, right around when other.7z and bbgames.7z leaked, containing tons of links & mirrors and helpful info about the contents of the leaks & updated regularly

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