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File:ique frontandback.jpg
The front and back sides of the device

The iQue Player is a game console released by iQue in 2003 and partially developed by BroadOn. It was built from the ground up to circumvent China's ban on home video game consoles by being presented as an educational device and integrating the controller and console into an all-in-one unit. It uses an ASIC which replicates the CPU and RCP of the Nintendo 64 while adding new features such as USB support and a 64MB NAND.

Similarities with the Wii

Since BroadOn partially developed the iQue Player, internally the console has some similarities with the Wii. For example, the NAND structure is similar to the Wii's.


In 2018, the iQue Player was hacked by a small team of hackers after an SDK and plaintext games for the device were leaked in April 2018 by scene release group SUXXORS.[1]

Plans to release in other regions

In 2004, some news outlets reported that Nintendo had plans to release the iQue Player in South America[2], another piracy-heavy region. However, this seemingly never manifested as no South American iQue Player units have been found nor is there any announcement of their release.