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The GameID on Nintendo platforms is a sequence of 4 (6 with company code) characters derived from the end of a title's Title ID, used to represent that title in an abbreviated form.

An example of a Wii disc title GameID would be "RMGE01" for Super Mario Galaxy, with "R" representing an early-run Wii disc title, "MG" being the unique game code, "E" representing the Americas region, and "01" being the company code.

On the GameCube and Wii, its structure is as follows:

First characterCode representing title type (e.g. G for GameCube titles, R (Revolution) for early Wii disc titles, W for WiiWare titles)
Middle two charactersUnique title/game ID (e.g. "MG" for Super Mario Galaxy)
Last characterRegion encoding (e.g. E for Americas/Middle East/SEA, J for Japan/Taiwan/Hong Kong)
Subsequent two charactersCompany code (e.g. 01 for Nintendo)