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NDEV - The main development kit console for the Wii.

RVT - The product code for Wii development and testkit items. See RVL, Product Code

RVL - The Wii product code for retail items (See RVL Product Codes)

Product Code - The three-letter code that distinguishes a Nintendo product line.

Host I/O - The connection between a development system such as the NDEV and its host PC

CTR - The 3DS product code for retail items

DOL - The GCN product code for retail items

CAT-DEV - The primary Wii U development kit console.

Dev Tool - A term referring to Wii Remote prototypes.

Waikiki - A GameCube memory card slot debugger for the Wii, used during internal testing and factory initialization of each unit.

uid.sys - A file found on the NAND filesystem of every Wii console, containing a list of all inserted discs and installed titles.

Wii Startup Disc - A rare disc used to initialize early Wii consoles.

GameID/Game ID - The last 4 bytes of a Nintendo title's Title ID, used to represent it in an abbreviated form on some platforms