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Of the data from the Zammis Clark Breach that has been leaked, there are a few archives that have some connection to BroadOn/RouteFree or contain data that originated from BroadOn. These archives contain dumps from BroadOn's file servers, archived in TAR files with source code repositories formatted in CVS for version control. Most of the files from these dumps are organized in a similar way, and have references to originally being located in a parent directory called "routefree".

To give an example, it is possible that BroadOn finished development on the Wii around the early 2010s, backed up a CVS repository with some of their code into a TAR archive named "depotrvl.tar", in a folder named "ng", which was then requested by Nintendo to be sent to them in a big folder containing the "ng" tree and all the other trees, and then kept in a folder called "routefree" on Nintendo of Europe's file storage servers, which were then hacked, and dumped by wack0 in March of 2018. Afterwards, wack0 sent some of the data to someone who had connections or a friendly relationship with him, who then copied over the contents of the "ng" and "bb" folders, along with "prewrite-062308", maybe part of an internal email dump of some sort, and then put into a 7-zip archive called "unsorted.7z", shared between friends for a bit, then later uploaded to Anonfiles and posted to 4chan.

The chance of something as enormous as the "routefree" folder being leaked in full is highly unlikely, but not impossible.

Known development trees

These are all of BroadOn's internal source trees that are known to exist, whether leaked, or mentioned in other files. Presumably, these are the known contents of the "routefree" folder.

  • bb - Short for BroadOn Board. iQue Player hardware documents & software source code with data relating to Nintendo 64.

[Location: unsorted.7z\depot.tar]

  • ng - Short for NNGC. Development project for the Wii, containing Wii software source code, internal Wii/GameCube documents, hardware documentation & Verilog. Originally started with the development of the Wii's IOS and the IOP-OS Emulator.

[Location: unsorted.7z\depotrvl.tar\d1\routefree\ng\depot]

  • gba - Game Boy Advance and iQue Game Boy Advance software source code and hardware related documents. Later renamed to "client".

[Location: netcard.7z\gba.tar\depot-offline]

[Location: netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA]

(Note: Unsure if iqgba.tar is the same as the others. It doesn't have any CVS data until multiple subfolders in, and it doesn't have a "routefree" or "depot" folder. Maybe it was just dumped or archived in a different way?)

  • bbgames - Source code for multiple Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance games, used for Chinese localization & releases for the iQue Player.

[Location: bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot]

  • sc - Unknown. Possibly iQue related. Not leaked itself, but found inside the ios-releases tree.

[Location: ios-releases.tar.7z\ios-releases.tar\ios_release_080223132629_branch_031408\ios_release_080223132629_branch\sc]

  • nc - Unknown. Possibly NetCard related. Could be the contents of “nc_stuff” in netcard.7z.

[Mentioned in CVS data: unsorted.7z\depotrvl.tar\d1\routefree\ng\depot\sw\server\rsync.bins,v]

  • bb2 - iQue Box, a cancelled iQue GameCube. Not leaked in full, but files and documents from the bb2 tree have been sent to people by Zammis Clark.

[Mentioned in files from NG tree]

  • client - "gba" tree was renamed to "client" during development.

[Mentioned in files from NG tree]

  • pr - Unknown. Possibly related to the iQue Player and/or its development.

[Mentioned in documentation files from BB tree]